The first manifestation of our newly established agreement with the Landscape Parks Complex of the Malopolska Region was the joint organization of training in bat protection for employees of Małopolska landscape parks. The meeting took place on March 31, in a very dignified environment of exhibits of the Museum of Natural History in Ciężkowice, which lent us its hall, providing the event with an appropriate setting.

Rafał Szkudlarek and the guest speakers: Wojciech Gubała and Tomasz Gottfried shared their experiences from their work, not sparing the anecdotal stories associated with the development of solutions that today effectively help bats. There were also field trips and a look at some of the implemented solutions. The visit to the attic of the Occupational Therapy Centre in Bukowiec, adapted entirely for bats, was guided by its supervisor – Mr. Witold Krok from the Municipality of Korzenna. Piotr Firlej spoke about the modifications of lighting around the church in Bruśnik, which are set in a way that makes bat commuting flights safe.

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