The LIFE+ Horseshoe Towers project is led by five partners from four countries, so the team meets regularly online and once a year we see each other in person.
The first meeting took place at the hospitable Bacówka (Mountain Hut) White Deer, on 16 and 17 November. All partners presented the progress of their part of the project, we discussed various substantive and organisational issues, in particular the difficulties in the face of rising prices.

On the following days, we also held workshops , where we planned further joint activities in bat conservation and exchanged experiences. During the study visit, participants had the opportunity to see first-hand the solutions to many of the problems facing bats, such as excessive sunlight or artificial light on sites, suboptimal microclimatic conditions, interrupted flight paths to feeding grounds, and the threat of losing a site as a breeding colony. The workshop was also an opportunity to present the LIFE programme on the 30th anniversary of this financial mechanism of the European Union.

During field visits and at specially organised meetings, we were also introduced to activities promoting bats and their conservation, carried out by local entrepreneurs and activists. They made presentations, and workshop participants were also able to test for themselves what the activities were all about. And the creativity displayed at the workshop in adapting the bat theme to the profile of their own business was truly impressive.

The workshop is the beginning of a process in which we will develop our cooperation in new ventures and share our experiences in a structured way with anyone who wants to protect bats.

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