For centuries, the southern gate of the Beskid Sądecki Mts has been guarded by Muszyna. Our Association has been cooperating with the authorities of this town in bat protection  for many years. April 1-2, 2022 The Spa Municipality of Muszyna organized training for guides and the tourism industry. The patronage over the meeting was held by the Polish Society of Wildlife Friends „pro Natura”. Training participants came from different parts of Małopolska, from Gorlice, through Nowy Sącz, Krościenko nad Dunajcem, to Kraków. The program of the event abounded in various attractions – field game, lectures, workshops. The Poprad River Valley is the watchtower of the Horseshoe Land. Here the bats feel very good (just like the guides!). During the meeting, Piotr Firlej presented the LIFE+ Horseshoe Towers project, and talked about certified training for Horseshoe-Land Guides, which we are opening at the end of this year.

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