To paraphrase a well-known saying, it could be said that all horseshoes are ours. But some more so.

In Brenna, a few wing-beats away from the Natura 2000 area Beskid Śląski (PLH240005), there is a building, unused for some time, which was chosen as a breeding colony by Lesser Horseshoe Bats that forage in the area’s forests. A few years ago, the PTPP „pro Natura” team carried out a number of adaptations that improved the conditions for the bats. They repaired the leaky formwork on the top of the building and covered up other leaks that allowed light to enter and created draughts. Facilities such as a standing kennel with tilting shelf protecting against four-legged predators and a potting shed for perching bats have also been installed.

Geoffrey’s bats have already discovered the shelter, but these are still few individuals. Horseshoes, on the other hand, have very clearly benefited from adaptations. When members of the Stowarzyszenie Górecki Klub Przyrodniczy from Górki Wielkie and the Carlina Association discovered the site, it was inhabited by a small group of just about 50 females. In a few seasons after the adaptations, the colony developed in numbers by more than 4 times.

The building was put up for sale and PTPP ‘pro Natura’ acquired the property as part of the unexpected conservation actions, funding provided by the LIFE+ Horseshoe Bat Towers project. The bats can now count even more on the combined efforts of pro Natura, the Górecki Klub Przyrodniczy and Carlina Associations and, hopefully, the local authorities.

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