Many secrets are hidden in The Silesian Beskid (PL: Beskid Śląski). Literally! In the longest caves of Beskidy Mts. many bats found a quiet place for hibernation. And each year brings the discovery of new sites. At the attics of the hereabout buildings, colonies of the lesser horseshoe or greater mouse-eared bats can be found. But that’s only beginning… In order to uncover the secrets to ourselves and the others, we started working together with the Environmental Education Centre in Wisła and with the Mission Robot in Cieszyn. The goal of this cooperation is to popularize knowledge on the lesser horseshoe and other bat species, and about their protection. March 24th and 25th, 2022, the first co-organised meeting took place. Tourist guides from Wisła and Cieszyn, and local school kids participated in these meetings. The activities were run by Piotr Firlej, who encouraged the participants to engage into the LIFE+ Podkowiec Towers and the Land of the Horseshoes schemes.

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