Spring is coming. Animals and plants wake up and we wake up! We are pleased to announce that at the beginning of March 2022 the Horseshoe the Traveller Hiking Club was launched. We started a series of Saturday trips with children from Łososina Dolna, on which we primarily head to the places where the lesser horseshoe bats occur, but we also get to know the closer and further surroundings of Łososina. As the direction of the first trip, we chose Laskowa and the open-air museum for families, an ethnographic gem of the Beskid Wyspowy.

During next trips we climbed the highest mountain in this area, Jaworz, 921 m above sea level, we saw the Zbójecka Cave and the Rożnów reservoir. While travelling, we talked about bats and our project activities. Children were happy to sing songs about the horseshoes and to take part in workshops and activities. The events were organized by The Centre for Education and Animation and The Centre for Culture and Promotion of the Łososina Dolna Municipality. We supported and patronized this initiative.

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