In areas where new infrastructure is being built, we inform local communities about the purpose of the facilities in the forest. During these meetings, participants learn about bats and often even have the opportunity to observe them in their natural habitat. The information activities are meant to support active conservation and reduce inappropriate behaviour caused by curiosity.

On 20 June, information and promotional activities for the LIFE+ Podkowiec Towers project were carried out in cooperation with the Dukla Forestry District, at a campsite in the hamlet of Stasiane near Tylawa village (S Poland). The meeting included a lecture on the protection of the Lesser Horseshoe Bat and other bat species combined with competitions. After a common campfire, the participants were invited to observe the bats’ emergence from the church in Tylawa. The meeting was attended by the Forestry Inspector of the Dukla Forestry District and employees of the Forestry Inspectorate, the president of Voluntary Fire Brigade in Tylawa, tourists, representatives of local associations and chiropterologists.

On 24 June, the meeting was held on the grounds of the Rymanów Forestry Inspectorate near the forester’s lodge. The participants were the inhabitants of the neighbouring villages, representatives of the State Forests, groups of Naturalomaniacs, educators-animators of the Horseshoe Bat Land, young people vacationing in Rymanów-Zdrój. After the informational and promotional activities, we watched the Horseshoe Bats flying out of the Eskulap Spa Hospital in Rymanow-Zdrój.

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