The Zdroje Forest District is the first of the districts where a wider information and promotional campaign for the LIFE+ Horseshoe Bat Towers project has been carried out. This is linked to the field work that is being carried out as part of the project. A number of activities were carried out in January and March 2023. In the PTTK shelter Pod Muflonem (Under Moufflon) in Duszniki-Zdrój, a lecture „Bats are coming back to the forest!” presented bat conservation approach of the project. The meeting attracted a lot of people interested in the world of bats. Presentations were also given to pupils of primary and secondary schools in Kłodzko, Polanica-Zdrój and Duszniki-Zdrój, kindergartens in Duszniki-Zdrój and Polanica-Zdrój, and the University of the Third Age in Kłodzko. Cooperation was undertaken with the Polanica Lovers’ Association. Together with the Zdroje Forest District, a visit was made to the Bat Cave in the Świdnica Forest District. Activities were also conducted at other sites in Sudety Mountains. A training course for guides of the Złoty Stok Mines and a promotional meeting in the Land of Extinguished Volcanoes were held. In the Zdroje Forest District, the start of the tourist season in the Land of the Horseshoe Bat is expected at the end of April.

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