Lesser horseshoe bats got a special liking towards Bukowiec (in the municipality of Korzenna). Why? There is a renovated church here, and in it the shelter of its summer breeding colony. Nearby there is the longest cave in the area – Devil’s Hole (a place of winter hibernation). Rocks, forests, mountains… Here the horseshoe has everything it needs for life.

The municipal authorities and the cultural centre are also sympathetic about the presence of bats. Thanks to good cooperation with them, we have been carrying out interesting activities here for years. On March 26, 2022, Piotr Firlej held three meetings about the LIFE+ Podkowiec Towers project combined with workshops for children who learned how to paint bats on linen bags or how to make ceramics. A training course for local guides was the third of the events. We will certainly come back to the Devil’s Rocks Reserve in Bukowiec more than once!

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