As part of the LIFE+ Podkowiec Towers project, bat platforms were installed in the attic of the castle Čechy pod Kosířem during the year 2023, which protect the historic beams and floor of the castle from feaces of Lesser Horseshoe Bats (Rhinolophus hipposideros) using this attic every year to raise their young. In addition, the platforms allow for easier regular cleaning. This relatively simple measure helped resolve the conflict between the historic preservation of the building and the protection of bats. The castle is not only a cultural heritage, but since 2005, due to the presence of the critically endangered bat species, it has also been a special area of conservation under the Natura 2000 network.

Two types of platforms were designed for this site due to the vastness of the attic and bat moves across the attic in late summer. In the two places that are most used by bats, permanent wooden platforms were created as a wooden weight-spreading floor above the existing beams. The construction of the platform consists of a grid of non-planed spruce timber covered with planks and then with a vapor-permeable foil to increase its resistance to the effects of bat faeces, and thus its lifespan. Sufficient space between the platform and the floor itself allows free air flow, which prevents excessive accumulation of moisture. Moreover, two mobile platforms were created that can be easily moved around the attic depending on where the bats will be at any time. Mobile platforms could not be made of wood because they would be too heavy to transport. Therefore, they were finally made of a geogrid covered again with a vapor-permeable foil.

The platforms were installed out of summer maternal roost period that is critical for bats. Thus, they were not disturbed during the rearing of their offspring and the animals continued to consider the attic safe. The complete building of platforms for ČESON was ensured by the company ZENDULKA s.r.o., which has long-term experience in creating protective measures for bats.

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